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Immigration Physical Exam

An authorized physician, known as “civil surgeon", must complete Form I-693 with the test results along with immunization verification.

Immigration Physical Exam requires 2 visits.

Fee of $240 included:

  • 2 office visits

  • 1 seal envelope of I-693 form

  • 1 electronic copy of I-693 form.

Excluded: blood test and vaccine fees

1st Visit

  • Medical exam by the Civil Surgeon

  • Vaccination / Immunization record review

What to bring for 1st visit?

2nd Visit

  • Depending on blood tests results, vaccination as required by USCIS.

  • For more information, you may refer to Vaccination Requirements at

  • Effective October 1, 2021, COVID-19 Vaccination is required for all applicants, 12 years old and over.

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